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Help for this Site
We hope you find this a useful area to answer any questions you might have about using this website.  If you'd like to ask about a topic not covered here, please check our open forum. We are always ready to assist you.


How do I ...
  • Can I send email blasts to everyone via the website?
    When you signed up for use of this site, you agreed to receive e-mails from the board, staff and management company.  We view the use of your e-mail address for any other purpose a violation of our policy on privacy.
  • How do I clear site search highlighting?
    Unfortunately the only way to clear the highlighting caused by a site search is to logoff and then login again.
  • How do I reduce the number of emails I get from the website?
    When we send out email, we send one email for each valid email address we find in the directory.  If you have a primary user and a second user in your directory entry with valid email addresses, each will receive an email.  If you have a directory entry for each of the people in your unit, each will receive an email.  You can reduce the number of emails by reducing the number of directory entries or by eliminating email addresses for second users in your directory entry.
  • How do I submit a question, suggestion or complaint
    If you are not a resident, please use the "contact us" link on the navigation bar and fill out the form.  It will be sent to our property  management company for routing to the appropriate party and/ or response
    If you are a resident (owner or renter) please choose "Open Forum", then select the appropriate  topic and add a question there.  The topic owner will make sure your question is recorded for others and answered.
  • How do I use the Google Docs you point to?
    Google Docs is a suite of products that lets you create different kinds of online documents, work on them in real time with other people, and store your documents and your other files -- all online, and all for free. With an Internet connection, you can access your documents and files from any computer, anywhere in the world. (There's even some work you can do without an Internet connection!) This guide will give you a quick overview of the many things that you can do in Google Docs.
  • Is there a way for me to control what I see on the site?
    Some sites like amazon or e-bay let you have implicit or explicit preferences. They do this because they have a very large set of offerings and a strong motivation to get you to buy something that lets them afford the expense of maintaining this approach.   We instead are focused on making the site as usable and easily navigated as possible.  Please let us know if you see ways to "keep it simple".
  • Is there a way to follow WFL on Twitter
    Sure... all RSS feeds are also provided at @WFLandings on Twitter.
  • Is there a way to see on the site if my package has arrived at the office?
    Not at the moment.  We will investigate for a future enhancement to the site. Meanwhile please call the office at 206.443.0679. Also, many websites for purchases will (on request) notify you of the delivery by email or text message.  If you sign install a Fedex or UPS app on your phone, it will notify you of deliveries as well.
  • What is this RSS feed thing and how do I use it?
    From Wikipedia:
    RSS feeds can be read using software called an "RSS reader", "feed reader", or "aggregator", which can be web-based, desktop-based, or mobile-device-based. The user subscribes to a feed by entering into the reader the feed's URI or by clicking a feed icon in a web browser that initiates the subscription process. The RSS reader checks the user's subscribed feeds regularly for new work, downloads any updates that it finds, and provides a user interface to monitor and read the feeds. RSS allows users to avoid manually inspecting all of the websites they are interested in, and instead subscribe to websites such that all new content is pushed onto their browsers when it becomes available.

  • Am I being monitored on this website?
    No.  We don't track an individual user's access to pages on the site.  
    Your profile does record the date of your most recent login.  This helps us identify and disable profiles that are not being used, thereby protecting the site from malicious use.
  • How is the profile information used?
    Your e-mail address uniquely identifies you as a user of the site. If more than one person in your unit wishes to have access to the website, they should create their own profile (with their own e-mail address) and link it to the primary user for the unit. If you rent your unit to others, they should have their own profile (and e-mail address). Your name and e-mail address are used to fill in any forms you might submit (for example to reserve a guest suite), identify any topics posted and ensure that you receive any responses. Phone numbers in profiles may be used by office staff to notify you about package delivery, problems with your unit or garage stall, or bicycle.  If you set your profile to let us, we will include your information in the Directory (which is available for all residents).
  • How many profiles do I need?
    You should have a profile for each resident who wants to login separately and keep informed separately.  Owners and renters should have their own, separate profiles.  If someone in your family travels frequently for business, they will probably want a separate profile.  
    Board members may want a separate profile to limit access to legal, private, or personnel matters.
    We want to ensure that all emergency and other owner association information is communicated as quickly and widely as possible.
    You can request an additional profile by by logging out (if necessary), then using the link in the upper left corner of the home page to register a new profile.  As always, you can also let us know via the contact us page or by calling the office.
  • Is my profile information safe?
    Very safe.  
    See our privacy policy for details.
    We selected one of North America's greatest datacenters, located in Virginia, to house our high-powered servers. They provide the secure, stable, and blisteringly fast environment required to meet our hosting needs.
    If you aren't familiar with datacenters they are designed to house thousands of web servers and connect them to the backbone of the internet. There are two factors that make datacenters so important. First, they are constructed to ensure computer hardware is secure and operating. They accomplish this with many levels of redundancy and integrated protection from natural and man-made threats. This includes battery backups, diesel generators, fire suppression, cooling systems, internal water/air air supply and multiple high speed connections to the internet. Second, is their onsite 24/7/365 dedicated security force and technical teams that proactively monitor the servers and network. It's safe to say they know what they're doing.

  • I can't find a page or feature I heard about
    We use the permissions in your profile to determine what to show on the navigation bar and and on some of the pages. These were assigned by admin staff (typically at the time your profile was set up).  If your situation has changed since then or we made a mistake, please let us know via the Contact Us page.
  • Why can't I see recent changes to the website
    This is usually caused by the fact that your browser and sometimes the network caches data to improve performance.  First try refreshing the page. If that doesn't work reset (flush) the browser cache.  Consult your browser help if not familiar with this step.  If this still doesn't help, wait a few hours for old data to automatically flush from the network.
    Another possible cause is that you don't have permissions in your profile to see the change. 
    If you are still having a problem, please leave a note on our "Open Forum" page.
  • Why do I get a 404 error when accessing outside the US?
    Our website host blocks traffic from outside the country.  There are two workarounds.  Use a VPN service to give the appearance of being in the US.  Or provide us with a fixed IP address, so we can add to the exception list.



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